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Californians are fed up with Gavin Newsom's failed leadership.

His incompetence  harmed the people of his state. It's time for a change!


Gavin Newsom instituted some of the most extreme, arbitrary lockdown measures in the country. In the process, he crushed small businesses, killed countless jobs, shut the schools, and left far too many feeling isolated and alone.

While demanding the state shut down, he didn't follow his own rules.

When he asked every state employee to take a 10% pay cut during the pandemic, he didn’t take one himself. He collected his full taxpayer funded paycheck even though he promised to reduce his own salary

IF THAT WEREN'T ENOUGH, California has paid at least $11.4 billion in fraudulent unemployment claims during the pandemic - all under Newsom's watch. He also "recklessly" pushed to send COVID patients into nursing homes - putting the lives of the most vulnerable at risk.





Companies are fleeing California, too, and taking jobs with them.

"California consistently ranks near the bottom in surveys ranking state business climates. Chief Executive magazine has ranked the Golden State as the worst place to do business for 14 straight years. A survey of 200 corporate executives by the Pacific Research Institute in 2018 found California unattractive for relocation or expansion due to 'all the regulations and red tape and so many fees associated with having a business in California for which we didn’t get anything in return.'”

(Source: City-Journal, 12/4/2020)

California can do better than Gavin Newsom.

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